2021 Walk for Life and Famously Hot Pink Half Marathon, 5K

Dr. Katrina Gary-Wills
Dr. Katrina Gary-Wills

Walking Warriors of Lexington

“Resilience, determination, faith, hope, and courage are words to describe my daily motivation needed to combat this disease known as breast cancer!  At the age of 39, I am fighting (and winning) my second breast cancer diagnosis.  You never know how strong you are until you forced out of your comfort zone.  I AM A SURVIVOR!”

~ Katrina D. Gary-Wills ~

The words above was the statement my sister, Dr. Katrina D.Gary-Wills lived by daily after being diagnosed with breast cancer May 2014. If you didn’t know her but saw her around town, met at a social event or at church, you would not have known she was a cancer patient. Why? Because that was not a label she wanted to be known for, however, she was not ashamed to be known as A cancer patient. Katrina would share her journey and educate you on the importance of self exams ,mammograms and listening to your body.

Although this year we will not be gathering downtown Columbia to walk with all the participants due to COVID-19. Prisma Health Breast Center is moving to a virtual Walk for Life and ask that we lace up our shoes and get moving in our own neighborhood or local park. While practicing social distancing, we can still walk as a team. I request that we meet up at a local park, which will be named at a later date, to walk  in memory of our beloved Dr. Katrina D. Gary-Wills.

Thank you in advance

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